This is where we came from, who we are now and the people that make TRB special.


The Irish are one of the many proud heritages that make up New Jersey’s past, present and future. A large portion of New Jersey’s population can claim Irish ancestry and Toms River is home to the most.

Toms River Brewing has its roots in Rinn Duin Brewery. Rinn Duin became well-known for its UK and Irish-style ales. They developed a cult-like following over their first four years.

Enter Jim Mulligan. With a background in natural extracts, Mulligan acquired the brewery in 2018. His vision is that a wide range of beer styles can be explored through the addition of natural fruits and extracts, along with an expanded yeast and hop selection. He retained “Bob the Brewer” and hired “Irish Nick”, a career salesman, concert promoter and lifelong beer enthusiast to hit the streets and spread the word.

In 2020, professional brewer Matt Hynes was hired as Operations Manager. With his vast experience at different craft breweries around the US, Matt has instilled in the brewery the motto of “we want to make the best beer possible and the rest will fall into place” as the guiding principle that now leads every decision the brewery makes.

The whole team is excited about the positive feedback they have received and are very optimistic about the future.

Toms River Brewing offers an opportunity to explore beer styles with an expanded natural flavor palate. Raise a glass–we can all be a little Jersey Irish.



Toms River Brewing has their own cast of characters that make the place unique and interesting. Here are some of the people that are Tastefully Reimagining Beer every day.

Matt Hynes

Matt Hynes

VP of Brewery Operations

Meet Matt Our VP of Brewery Operations. With extensive experience at Ballast Point Brewing and Oskar Blues Brewery he plans to expand our beer profiles and bring forth new initiatives. One of his first plans of action here at Toms River Brewing was implementing a Barrel Aging program. His favorite styles are West Coast IPAs, various European Styles and ye old Irish stouts. Before Matt found himself immersed in the world of craft beer he served with the United States Navy Seabees. You can catch him sippin’ on our very own Sa Bro Coconut Pale Ale. With his extensive beer knowledge, we are looking forward to a bright future and even better Toms River beers!

“Irish Nick” Van Zile

“Irish Nick” Van Zile

VP of Sales
“Anything you learn makes you better than the day before.”

The road rises to meet “Irish Nick”. Born and raised in Toms River, Nick has a long, successful career in sales. He understands the importance of investing in the customer’s success, building relationships and quality customer service. While the craft beer sales arena is new to “Irish”, craft beer is not -he has been tasting his dad’s (Bob the Brewer) great creations for the past 15 years.The opportunity to sell and train others about a product he’s genuinely passionate about is a dream come true.

Sal Mastriani

Sal Mastriani

North Jersey Sales
First craft beer: Allagash White

BA in Public Relations...Human Development Minor...All-American Wrestler at Virginia Tech...College Wrestling Coach...like everyone else in the craft beer industry, Sal followed a unique path to get here, but one that completely makes sense. From drinking Narragansett Lager in Rhode Island to supporting local New Jersey breweries, he recognizes the power of drinking local and exploring flavors. It makes him a natural fit to represent Toms River Brewing in North Jersey. Sal is currently exploring the New England IPA style and hopes the new 5 bbl pilot system going in at the brewery will allow Bob and Matt to put a Toms River Brewing spin on the style.

Kristen Munoz

Kristen Munoz

Social Media Coordinator
First craft beer: Wilmington Brewing Tropical Lightning IPA

A New Jersey native, Kristen has a BA in Communications and an MBA in Marketing. She has always liked the exploration of flavors that beer can provide and points to her interest in pale ales, fruit beers and coffee beers as evidence of that. Being social media coordinator for a brewery focused on seeking out interesting flavors fits in perfectly! Kristen is looking forward to seeing–and documenting–what new flavors Bob and Matt will concoct on the pilot system.

Bob Warzecha

Bob Warzecha

"Bob the Brewer"
First beer brewed: Christmas Ale (Belgian ale with orange zest, coriander, nutmeg & cinnamon)

Bob didn’t begin brewing until he was in his 50s. Homebrewing a batch of Christmas Ale got him hooked and he’s been brewing ever since. When Rinn Dúin opened, he would come in, drink at the bar and ask for the opportunity to help with brewing. He brewed his first batch of St. John’s Irish Red in 2015 after assisting on some other batches with the previous brewer. It came out great and he’s been brewing on this system ever since.

Bob is at the brewery daily, putting in long hours on brew days and making sure each beer is at the highest quality standard possible. He’s really into exploring hops and IPAs. Bob is especially proud of High Cross Red Rye Double IPA and is looking forward to making other creations, hoppy and not-so-hoppy alike.Some of his favorites on tap now are Sweet Nothing, Loch Ree Farmhouse Ale and Celtic Sunrise Blood Orange Pale Ale.

When not working or enjoying the tap room, Bob can be found hanging out in his backyard pond side with his wife, Rose, and their chocolate Labrador puppies that enjoy frolicking in the various waterfalls.