The place where we can all be a little Jersey Irish every day.


“May your home always be too small to hold all your friends.”
–Irish Drinking Toast

At Toms River Brewing, we want our home to be a place where you’ll always feel welcome. Stop by for a tour of the brewery. Taste the beers we have on that day. And come back again tomorrow; we’re bound to have something new on and we’ll be happy to have you all the same.

We regularly have musical guests playing the brewery floor because, really, nothing goes better with great tasting beer than lively song. Follow us on social media (@TomsRiverBeer) to learn what great talents we welcome to our floor that weekend.

We’ll have plenty of events too. There’s so much more to come. We can’t wait to share it all with you.


The 25 bbl brewhouse is original to Rinn Dúin along with 3-50 bbl fermenters and a 50 bbl brite tank.

During the transition, Toms River Brewing has added a new keg washer, a 30 bbl fermenter and a new 5 bbl pilot system with 3-10 bbl fermentation tanks.

Bob and Matt are both really excited about the new pilot system and the opportunity to experiment with styles.